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In recent years, Brazil has been growing in importance in the world scenario of decommissioning activities, given that several offshore fields are undergoing revitalization processes or reaching the end of their economic life. While representing new business opportunities, decommissioning also represents a major challenge for the oil and gas industry. Many issues, such as new regulations, need for technical training and the development of the service chain with specific solutions for decommissioning are being discussed worlwide.

Decommissioning projects are complex and involve many actors, making it necessary to achieve greater synergy between companies and stakeholders, in order to maximize efficiency and reduce costs of operations.

Therefore, it is extremely important to promote discussions, share challenges and lessons learned, disseminate the use of new technologies and innovation so as to allow projects to be increasingly robust, efficient and safe.

In this context, this event will address decommissioning through a multidisciplinary approach, with sessions in the following themes: Regulatory Aspects, Environmental Challenges, Decom in International Context (UK and Norway), Market Overview, New Solutions, Cases and Lessons Learned, New Technologies/R&D, New Alternatives to Decommissioning, Sustainable Decommissioning and finally Perspectives for the Future of Decommissioning.

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Windsor Florida Hotel
R. Ferreira Viana, 81 - Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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