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The SPE Brazil Decommissioning Symposium returns for its second edition on June 25 to 26 in Rio de Janeiro. The previous edition was highly successful, and given Brazil's significance in decommissioning activities, particularly with the ongoing sustainability debates surrounding such projects, this event presents an excellent opportunity to foster meaningful discussions.

In a world where the demand for sustainable solutions is increasingly intense, ensuring companies can execute their decommissioning projects with the best global ESG practices is essential for the industry's survival. Consequently, prioritizing sustainability is a crucial aspect of decommissioning projects. Decommissioning signifies the final stage of an oil and gas project and brings forth new prospects to contribute to sustainable development. It serves as an avenue to generate a new sustainable chain and can act as a catalyst for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability in decommissioning projects entails developing initiatives to prevent and minimize risks, costs, and adverse impacts that may affect all parties involved, including employees, communities, and the entire supply chain. Additionally, it focuses on amplifying positive effects and social benefits, enhancing safety, and improving project economics. By approaching decommissioning with care and transparency, the industry can demonstrate its serious commitment to fulfilling its responsibilities and minimizing its environmental and societal impact.

The two-day symposium will feature five technical sections. One session will showcase lessons learned from recent decommissioning projects, while the other three will delve into the technical aspects of topside, subsea, and well decommissioning. The last section will explore new technologies to bolster the sustainability of decommissioning projects. To conclude the event, a "round table" discussion will center around the theme "Sustainable Decommissioning: A Way Forward."

This event stands as one of the largest globally for decommissioning offshore installations. It will bring together leading petroleum operators, top service companies, academia, consulting services, government regulators, and other stakeholders to deliberate on sustainably enhancing the decommissioning process. Join the discussions with industry specialists, stay informed about the latest trends and technologies, and network with key players in the sector.

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